Nog meer aerobatic training met Nicolas Ivanoff

Van Gerrit Nijs ontvingen we onderstaande informatie over vervolgtraining met Nicolas Ivanoff:

Dear all,

As you know, the Belgian Aerobatic Club (BAC) is organizing an aerobatic course with Red Bull Air Race pilot, Nicolas Ivanoff from the 6th until the 10th of April 2011 at the airport of Saint Hubert.
The course is basically full, however, we can still offer a couple of single days for those of you who might be interested.
Dates are: 6, 7, and 10th of April.
Price is 150€ per day per person, plus food and accommodation for Nicolas, but this last one is shared by the participants and adds only a small cost to the course.
Let me know as soon as possible if you're interested in one or all of these days.
A second course with Nicolas is being organized and this from the 13th until the 16th of June 2011 at the airport of Saint Hubert (just ahead of the Belgian Aerobatic competition).
In case you're interested in this course then let me know as soon as possible.
Information is also available on the BAC website.

Best regards,

Gerrit Nijs