The following pilots and aircraft will compete in DONAC 2021

Category Entry fee payed
Hendrik Jan van Overvest CAP 21 Yes
Cyrial Talon E330SC Yes
Etienne Jacqué Extra 330 Yes
Dierickx Benoit Pitts S2S Yes
Stephen van Dijck Yak-52 Yes
Patrick Van Beeck Pitts S2B Yes
Barry Miedema Pitts S1-T Yes
Xander in ‘t Veld Cap 21 Yes
Peter Farla Pitts S1-T Yes
Wim van Remortele Pitts S2B Yes
Joost Vahstal CP10 Yes
René Dijkshoorn R2169 Yes
George PAPE CP10 Yes
Bedert Bruno Pitts S-2-A No
Richard Zuijderwijk Robin2160 Yes
Emmanouil Vasileiadis Robin R2160 Yes
Glider Advanced  
Erwin Vorenhout MDM-1 FOX Yes
Lars Hofman MDM-1 Fox Yes
Björn Straijer MDM-1 Fox Yes