DONAC 2017 has been completed. The new Dutch aerobatic champion is Martijn Kersten

For the 17th time in succession “Vliegen is een Kunst” is organising the Dutch Open National Aerobatic Championship from september 8th to 10th 2017.

The fight for the first place is on in 5 different categories. The winners will be awarded the following titles:

Dutch Winner in the Unlimited category
Dutch Winner in the Advanced category
Dutch Winner in the Intermediate category
Dutch Winner in the Standard category
Dutch Winner in the Beginners category

The Dutch winner in the highest category flown (with at least 2 competitors) will also be awarded the title:

Dutch Champion 2017

The 'English Trophy' is awarded to the highest scoring Dutch competitor, irrespective of category. The award can not be won more than once by the same competitor in the same category.